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Who is this papercut survivor?

Who is this papercut survivor?

So who the hell is this guy? Simply I am Tyas Lambrechts, a guy from Belgium that was born in 1995.

Started at school as welder and did go to college Karel de-Grote for 2.5 years as student in Multimedia Technology.

I learned some awesome stuff from LED to making games and 3D models. After those years i just didn’t pass trough my math and quitted college.

As far as i am, i got an opportunity to start join a .NET Boot camp by the company Team4Talent and now i am where i am. It is my passion to find in today’s technology the way to make it technology of yesterday. I stand with pride right than a modest man. In my work I am dedicated, accurate, analytical, disciplined and inventive. Some of my positive attributes by the voice of people around are : passionate, inquisitive, humoristic, social, proud and responsible. You can count on me! I like team work, friendship and a laugh. I always try to stay positive and that to move up to those around me. In my spare time I’m both dj as gamer. I like to be behind the turntables and do a lot of sports. also I like to explore the world, network and spend a lot of time to friends.


Here is where i start

Here is where i start

Hey, my name is Tyas Lambrechts.
I’m a junior .NET developer, with a big passion for developing and exploring new technology’s.
I was considering to start a blog, so I just did it. Not really in my comfort zone but Hey live challenges you outside your comfort zone.
What are you going to read on this blog? I am trying to tell you guys my story how I got here and how I am growing.
I will write some great and awesome grammar mistakes, cause I learned my languages on my self. Sorry for that.
This is my first post and will start here. But in the following days I will write new posts and try to share this blog to the open world.
I hope you would help me to reach a lot of viewers and let them feel what I feel and reach together what we are fighting for.
So for now goodnight and see ya.