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a starting sample app

Last updated on January 30, 2018

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So after a few introduction posts its time for me to trying to put here some real work.
So to my opinion is it very handy to make yourself a starting template where you launch every app from.

I hear you think… Why in the “damn god” would i do that? Simple if you make a few apps and use the same language gonna take for example Angular 2,
and you start from a sample app or starting template. Then it is time-saving, cause after all there are some generic components that you use every time like:

  • home Component
  • navigation
  • loadingscreen
  • footer
  • CRUD services
  • base css -> bootstrap
  • some handy npm packages
  •  …

so actually the only stuff you need to do then is

  •  npm install
  •  change the app name

and there you go !! A fresh app to create and you saved in the beginning of you programming career a lot of time. Even later it is.
so if you think about it? You’ll see that it is very handy to use those starting things. But hey its still my opinion of course.

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